You could cut the tension with a hot knife.

And by the time the butter melts-

I'll be swimming in spite.

Lions that lay.

Your eyes in the sunlight.

Never forget your name.

Always remember tonight.


Lisa Mason LeeSteamy glass. Foggy eyes. Hypnotized.

Can it be that you don't see because you haven't seen yet? Will you see or will it be to my detriment? Lowest of lows, on the totem pole... Highest of highs swimming deep in your eyes.

The drip of passion suicide. Into the blood. Making one cry.

The lust for life, will it choke or will it fly?


Such a far fall from grace.

Now in the ruins.

Ridden in disgrace.

A tall order to you.

A short king you are now.

In dire need to uplift my heart.

Can never go back.

To be cut so loud.


As I was peacefully basking in the warm sun, the wavy long grass began to tickle my arms... then my legs... and suddenly darkness quickly swept over my naive body. I was cold, like my blood had been drained by a vampire. I no longer felt relaxed. From the inside out, goosebumps covered every inch of my skin. My insides began to recoil in pain. My serotonin level crashed, and my cortisol shifted into drive. As my jaw chattered to the beat of the wind, I exhaled the word: “October.”